Welcome, Pilgrim. Sit ye down and know…


*This was written years ago and while perhaps no longer completely accurate it IS hilarious, at least to me. RIP Cally, you were everything I needed and more.

Alex Blaikie was born, raised and “educated” in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, where he still lives and works today.

A closeted writer for many years, among other things, only recently has he started opening the vault.

<Yes I am writing this myself, and yes it is absurdly awkward in the third person.>

Despite years of math and finance, his true devotion has always been to the written word and the nobility which can be expressed thereby.

He is an ardent sports fan, particularly baseball and enjoys studying the advanced metrics behind traditional statistics.

<I’m a nerd, ok?>

He spends as much time as possible either writing, reading or ingesting an embarrassing volume of visual content. All of those activities to be completed alongside his feline, old maid, Cally, and firecracker young pup, Catherine the Great.

<There are also a large volume of walks but since I love listening to audio books at the same I’m considering it as residing within the reading column.>

He also one time wrestled a Kodiak bear for ownership of an especially delectable salmon. It was epic.

He did not win.

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