The Defenestration of Grog

Ahoy Mateys! As always, it is a privilege to have you here. So, welcome and please enjoy your stay. Should you feel the need to sit and/or roll over as well, you likely won’t be alone. And kindly enjoy those as well. So, fun story, I’m actually in accounting class right now but have finished […]

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The Flaunting of Shill House

I remarked an amusing coincidence immediately after deciding on this title. One of my previous favourites (titles) was, “The Pall of the Souse of Usher”, which are both now Mike Flannagan mini-series productions. He beat me to Hill House but I to Usher, so the balance remains in check though I imagine Mr. Poe and […]

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Good day, fellow travellers! Are we there yet? Spoiler, we are never to arrive. Nothing sinister, merely that often the journey IS the destination. And if we did make it, looking only back with nothing now ahead, what joy may be found there? There is a fictional tavern called, “The All but One”, in a […]

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Bumps and Cruises

Fair morrow, dear friends! Fair might be overly optimistic given modern societal/ international disparities but who said life or greetings were fair? Nobody but perhaps if we put that platitude to even a vague pseudo-rest, those with the short stick, or no stick at all, may fare better. At least psychologically. Indeed life and any […]

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Flaw and Disorder

Happy Sunday! Thank you for attending the congregation of reticent humanity. I think it’s like the Unitarians but more gaudy, less God. Frocked if I know. I asked a Deacon but it turns out they were just a Democrat from Connecticut. The resident D-Phil was even less practical. Terrible opening complete! Moving on! And yes […]

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