Bumps and Cruises

Fair morrow, dear friends! Fair might be overly optimistic given modern societal/ international disparities but who said life or greetings were fair? Nobody but perhaps if we put that platitude to even a vague pseudo-rest, those with the short stick, or no stick at all, may fare better. At least psychologically. Indeed life and any of its derivatives are not equitable, we know it isn’t, but I’d like to go on record as saying it SHOULD be. That has absolutely nothing to do with this post but when a tangent arises one (I) must investigate and extrapolate. I’ve a curious nature and it’s only cost me everything and yet gained the same, figure that one out… BUT, paradoxes were the last post so let’s crack on then, shall we?

Side note; these diatribes would likely be less preachy were I to stop listening to heartbreakingly dazzling piano music while crafting them. Sunday typing probably doesn’t help either. So much preaching already, what’s one more fool espousing their own supposed truth. If only relativity wasn’t the gatekeeper of perspective and thus the same “truth”. That said, always be wary of anyone who claims 100% certainty, they are not to be trusted. Of that, I am 99.99% sure. Piano sonata-sombriety strikes again. No reason “sombriety” can’t be a word. Come on Shakespeare! Dropped the ball on this one, bruh. Dropped the quill? Cool brass candle holder thingy? I don’t know, but he dropped something, damn it!

Luckily today’s piece maintains the already downcast atmosphere. Wouldn’t want to tarry off theme. Took me almost two minutes to confirm tarry meant what I thought it did. All the definitions coming up were for “covered in tar” is it really so antiquated a term? Seemingly so. I suppose being tarry would admittedly cause one to tarry, however.

Apparently, June 29 was an extremely optimistic one in my existence. Still, maudlin attitudes seem to manufacture a siren’s song to writing even more bombastically deafening than when I lived next to the ambulance dispatch. The brightest light casts the longest shadow but the most expansive shadows provide the best shade. Balance in all things. Enjoy!

“Bumps and Cruises”, June 29, 2022.

Life’s path often mirrors  

Ancient corduroy roads

Jostling and perilously uneven 

Savagely eager to throw you

At slightest scant provocation

Treacherously winding 

One dares not take step 

Lest falling off degrading face 

Of dim stability’s fickle illusion 

For while an ostensible 

Path this may indeed be 

It remains inestimably preferable 

To surrounding untamed wilds 

Where anything might happen 

So long as it be acutely ruinous.

Wasn’t that a delightful slog? Not even any disarming rhymes. Shame!

Such strange bedfellows misery and wisdom, pain and acceptance, mistakes and growth. Light and dark expanded into all things. There can be no dawn in the absence of night, no love without anguish, and no imbalances equate to no actual balance.

So to come full circle, what the hell then IS “fair”? And I can safely state, that I have absolutely no clue. Such cosmic inquiries are so far beyond me as to mirror a child from their bassinet clutching at the stars. I don’t know, it’s (the bassinet/ child) outside or looking through a window or something, not important!

To sum up, I have no idea what I’m talking about and neither really does anyone else. So in that knowledge, let’s just be kind, help others, love as much as possible, hate never, and be the compassionate warrior poets of legend. Be the change, embrace the strange, exceed your range. You are so much more than you think, we all are. I don’t know you, but I love you. Fellow human, may your days be ever blessed and your nights raucously joyful. You deserve it.

Peace be with you.

Happy Trails and Waggy Tales,

-Alex Blaikie

8 thoughts on “Bumps and Cruises

  1. This epistle sets a new record for number of words that I needed to look up in the dictionary! Did you know that in every one of your essays, there are at least a couple of slogans that could be printed on t-shirts? Such as Be the change, embrace the strange, exceed your range.

    My favorite line in your poem today: “dim stability’s fickle illusion” 🐙

    If we were doing a poem study, I would ask the author a question about the final line, that part I don’t understand. One more of Life mysteries! Love back to you and the waggy one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you, father! Fair’s fair as I myself needed to look up “epistle”. There’s a lot of words out there and nobody can know them all. Probably. I have not amassed data on the subject. Thanks for reading and commenting, I’ll let you in on the ending perhaps when next we speak. Perhaps…:)


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