Good day, fellow travellers! Are we there yet? Spoiler, we are never to arrive. Nothing sinister, merely that often the journey IS the destination. And if we did make it, looking only back with nothing now ahead, what joy may be found there? There is a fictional tavern called, “The All but One”, in a book I read long ago. It was based upon the saying, “may all your dreams, save one, come true”. What, after all, is worse than achieving every possible ambition? Many things admittedly, but the concept is still an interesting one.

Just a quick one today as I seem irredeemably under the weather these months. Thank you so very much for visiting and please enjoy!

“Metronome/ Duali-team”, June 27, 2022.

We are the tide

Rising and falling 

Similarly whimsical   

Though far less predictably

A roiling tempest 

And placid lagoon 

Boisterously infused 

Confined within our one 

Arbitrary lunar designs  

Or planetary alignments

Hold far less significance 

Yet offer keyhole perspective 

To some part of a part 

While inescapably whole 

These microns of infinity 

Resisting cosmic acquiescence 

And so the great song patiently waits 

As our simple tune plays out. 

Thank you again, my friends, that’s all I can muster today. Already swinging back towards feeling like garbage. Metronome after all. Like a bad mushroom trip that never ends and offers no high. Waves, you say? I wrote this poem a ways back but it could indeed be interpreted in numerous ways. I guess they always can.

As unfortunate as I feel I wish you all the precise opposite! All the love I can muster, the strength that might be harnessed and the universe’s joy, all to you.

Happy Trails and Waggy Tales,

Alex Blaikie

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