The Defenestration of Grog

Ahoy Mateys! As always, it is a privilege to have you here. So, welcome and please enjoy your stay. Should you feel the need to sit and/or roll over as well, you likely won’t be alone. And kindly enjoy those as well.

So, fun story, I’m actually in accounting class right now but have finished the work and am typing this on the sly. To be fair, it’s remote learning so I’m not exactly shrouded in some voluminous trenchcoat to masquerade my pseudo-disrespectful intent. Not for writing anyway. Upon further consideration, I’ve never actually worn a trench coat. Am I missing out? It’s not as though I’m frequenting many trenches.

Anyway, happy to slip this wee bonus script in, especially as it’s sadly the first and only January offering this year. School has really decimated my writing time but let’s see if that cannot be corrected moving forward.

Please enjoy!

“The Desalinization of Man”, December 22, 2022.

There’s contradiction of a sort 

How loneliness may bloom 

Despite our best efforts to thwart 

Within some crowded room 

Similar to drowning of thirst 

Upon the ocean swells 

Water surrounding fit to burst 

Yet parched as age-dry wells 

Company is no guarantee 

Solitude can’t abide 

Much like supposed bourgeoisie 

Resilient in divide

An issue seems that reaching out 

Assures no retinue 

Should those enclosing harbour doubt 

Of valid avenue 

If libation we wish to drink

Rendered toxic indeed 

Irrelevant’s the first to blink 

When neither would concede

Lacking meaningful connections

Is isolation’s truth 

Our paradox’s infection 

Describes compelling proof 

So if you’ve tumbled overboard 

And there’s no aid in sight 

Never embrace blinding discord 

For ephemeral blight.

Land and ships will soon abound 

All so mesmerizing

This planet’s vast dimensions round 

Still self-organizing.

Today I learned it’s actually called the DefenestrationS of Prague as there were three of them. I mean, if you’re going to defenestrate might as well make it a party. You already have pinatas, after all.

Ok- horrifying rhetoric aside, very quickly let’s consider today’s topic. Have you ever been alone while surrounded by people? It’s a fascinating paradox. I don’t really have much to add beyond my wonder at the contradiction that is every aspect of human existence. There is nothing to be confused by but confusion itself! There’s your trench.

Happy Trails and Waggy Tales to you all!

-Alex Blaikie

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