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Good day, fellow travellers! May your journeys be equally joyous as their planned destinations. Today is all we will ever have, let’s not fritter it away like some deep-fried apple pastry. That said, acquiring apple fritters would not be a poor choice. Unless you’re diabetic or have high blood pressure, then maybe just a regular apple. Still delicious! Funny story, my spell check is telling me “apple” should be capitalized because why would anyone discuss fruit over tech? Perhaps they should spend some time in a Luddite gay bar. Outliers in every meaning. Besides, Apple has capitalized enough already, expenses anyway. Are accounting jokes acceptable? Don’t see why they would be! 🙂

Anyway, it’s been forever, how’s everyone doing? It would be a damnable lie were I to say I didn’t miss this space terribly. But as the esteemed Dr. Malcolm (sic. Michael Crichton) says, “Life finds a way”, to get stupid complicated and screw you out of writing time. Still better than being consumed by a dinosaur. Then again, modern political realities may contradict that notion. Hey young people, voting is based, (I think that means good), anyone more knowledgeable than I feel free to offer amendments.

I understand people enjoyed the last post particularly and that there was no poem within. To be fair, who wouldn’t love sexy Latin reinterpretations? Regardless, it’s a touch ironic but since I’m not doing this for money or fame (good fucking luck if I was:)), poetry hasn’t been in vogue for some time, at least beyond the octogenarian contingent. Luckily I have hip and back issues so fit right in like the last remaining morsel of a 10,000-piece puzzle. Even have one of those daily pill-sorting container doohickies, (scientific terminology), Gin! We’re playing Bridge. So, poetry, I have it, you don’t necessarily want it, but prepare for a foisting regardless.

“The Shadows We Cast”, May 4, 2023. 

In discarded, broken masses 

There resides essential spark 

And before our lifespan passes 

Slimmest chance to quell the dark 

Always among naive factions  

Arms outstretched to pull you down  

Yet sovereign to base actions 

We exist to seize our crown 

Intentions noble cast aside 

Poor excuse to follow suit 

There are some still who can’t abide 

So plot alternative route 

Maps keenly redundant here 

No obvious shining path 

But that which is now deeply clear 

Turn your cheek and quell all wrath 

It’s hard enough to rise beyond

The dim cavalcade of woe 

Better to quietly abscond 

Shred tethers to status quo 

When desperate to procure fire 

Excess air’s as bad as none 

But balance struck along this wire 

Spark may erupt into Sun. 

And you have been thusly foisted. Hurrah.

The general theme here seems to be a popular one over the years around these parts. Rise above the horrors, both internal and external and become who you deserve to be. The human we all owe ourselves. Remember, there is no attainable perfection for us and while they say comparison is the thief of joy perhaps the overzealous search for said perfection is the true culprit. Comparison becoming the symptom as opposed to a cause. For some anyway, we are all so very different while simultaneously being very much the same.

It was Wayne Dyer who first articulated to me that there is so much more in humans that unites us than divides. I understand that in modern times that seems so far out of reach as to be completely unattainable but I refuse to believe that. There will always be suffering, unless you’ve successfully attained bodhisattva status, but there will also always be those who seek to alleviate that pain. To remedy, to heal, to love. To be better, to reach down and to refuse conceding, no matter the cost. You are the heroes of this world and I am forever grateful.

With all that said, to all who made it this far and everyone else as well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, and may you know joy. You deserve it.

Happy Trails and Waggy Tales,

Alex Blaikie



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